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Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage in Ahmedabad

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Swedish massage alleviates the tension, allowing the muscles to relax and removing the imprint of physical stress. In turn, this can also help improve your posture as muscles are no longer forced to overcompensate. Many people find that Swedish massage relieves tension headaches.

You probably already have a reasonably good idea of what Swedish massage is. That’s because it is the classic and traditional massage that you will have seen in movies and advertising, even if you haven’t experienced it personally.

There are a number of different Swedish massage techniques, but all combine to deliver a delightfully relaxing massage through gentle circular pressure applied by the therapist’s hands (known professionally as ‘friction’).

Swedish massage techniques include:

  • 1. Effleurage – a type of gentle stroking, including long strokes.
  • 2. Petrissage – what you think of when muscles are kneaded.
  • 3. Vibration – includes light tapping and other techniques which can cause the body to lightly shake or vibrate.
  • 4. Hacking – includes the karate-style ‘chops’ you may also associate with massage. 

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